Thursday, March 14, 2013

Tina Foster's Debut Novel


All Amanda Lewis wanted was meet her date and go to dinner, but when she arrived at their meeting place, she found him dead. Murdered.Now the killers have seen her and she's on the run. But she isn't alone. OSCIB Agent Steve Walker came to investigate a gang of suspects. 

Now, having literally run into this uncooperative woman, he's stuck trying to keep her, and himself, alive. Steve had hoped to locate a very important list that the gang is also after. Will he be able to find it, keep Amanda Lewis alive and complete his assignment without getting killed himself?
Amanda's never been so scared in her life, so how is it her thoughts keep turning to her good looking lawman captor instead of the danger she's in? Tomorrow may be too late to find out if Steve Walker is the man for her. Tomorrow they may both be dead.