Saturday, July 27, 2013

Other Books by this Author

Hi everyone.  Thanks for stopping by.  Most of you know me as the author of “Flirting With Danger,” a romantic suspense.  But many of you may not know that I was a literary agent for over 15 years and that I taught fiction writing classes for over 10 years. 

I have put my knowledge and experience into four books on the craft of writing.  I’d like to feature two of them here today.  If you are a new or novice writer, who is planning to submit to traditional publishers, or to literary agents for representation, you may find the information in these books beneficial. 

“Ten Reasons Why Editors and Agents Stop Reading.”

Learn the ten most common mistakes that writers make which can cause an Acquiring Editor at a publishing house, or a literary agent, to stop reading your manuscript and pick up someone else’s.

“Formatting Manuscript.”

Improper formatting is probably the first reason for rejection by most Acquiring Editors at a publishing house, as well as literary agents.  They see the physical look of your manuscript as soon as they take it out of the package, before they even read one word of your story.  If they see common beginning writer mistakes, your manuscript will go back into the package, unread.  Proper formatting separates the professional writer from the amateur.  Yes, there is an industry standard which editors and literary agents expect writers to know before they submit their manuscript for perusal. 


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